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Tired of being ghosted and price shopped? Do you keep checking your inbox, waiting for an inquiry that never comes?


Join my Booking Reboot!


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What people have been saying about the class

"I loved the Reboot Webinar so much! Would it be crazy to register for another session this week?! Jessica was so great and so real." - Jean King  


"I immediately put one of your tips into action and within 30 minutes received FIVE new orders!!!" - Sheyda Lale  


"Thank you from the bottom of my heart" - La Vie en Rose Florals  


"Thank you for all you've shared. I wanted to give up. You've inspired me to start all over and to do it right this time. Forever grateful."  


"Worth the money, time, and I have no doubt that I will see a difference with all of that great advice!" - Elizabeth DiGusto  


"Girl it was exactly what I needed. Your passion is inspiring" - Lauren Bridle  


"You went straight to the point, gave me a shoulder shake about responsibility and not making excuses. Needed that push to move towards my objectives." - Esperanza Atelier  


"Such great advice!" - Karen Adourian  


"Your webinar was a great push, reminder and confirmation that I just need to keep going and keep growing!! A lot of your advice and teaching is grounded in being fully, authentically, consistently and unapologetically yourself. The clarity of info and purpose, the call to action on each page, the 48 hour and appreciate it all!" - Parthenia Fayne  


"Thank you for being so REAL!" - Wild Fern Florals

"I wanted to follow up about the reboot course. I had to watch the play back, so I didn’t get to interact with everyone the way I would have liked, but I LOVED IT!!!!!!! It was very motivating and I have already seen business roll in just from tweeking something this morning. Yeah, I am a BIG fan of Jessica's ability deliver good info that works. Worth $25? Hahahaha, understatement!" - Rachel Dummeldinger 

If you're in a down season, you don't need to stay there! Let's get you out of that rut and on the road to a booked calendar and money in the bank!

Do you feel like everyone around you is booking dream clients, and all your leads are dried up? 

Are you panicking, wondering when your next deposit will hit?

Scared that someone might find out about your empty calendar and think you’re a fraud?


Even the most experienced floral designers, wedding planners, and designers have down seasons. It seems this year more than ever, the market is saturated and clients are harder and harder to come by. Even some of the biggest names in the industry are struggling! 

Sometimes, you just need to reboot. 

That’s why I’m offering a Booking Reboot.

This mini training will give you the five tools you need to not only book your next client but keep the stream of inquiries coming month after month. 

THE BEST PART? It’s only $25 dollars, and there's no sales pitch! Everything you need will be given to you live in the hour-long training.

So skip the next week of morning lattes, and invest in yourself! 

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I had such an incredible response to my live webinars, that I HAD to open access to everyone! The sooner you watch, the sooner you can fill your calendar with brides who pay what you're worth! If you're in a rut or just need a tune up, sign up NOW!

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Who's behind this masterclass?

Jessica Zimmerman

Jessica is the name and face of the company. Jessica is driven by the creative process, and is continually pushing the boundaries by exploring new techniques and experiencing all that the floral world has to offer. She is passionate about creating events that reflect a unique connection between the beauty within natural elements and the intimate personal ingredients each client brings to the mix. Jessica is known for her organic and unrestrained style, capturing raw elegance in all of her designs. She loves to look at each of her events through the lens of a camera because that is what allows her clients to chronicle these short-lived moments forever.  

Jessica loves what she does in her studio because it gives her the opportunity to invest in what she loves outside of her studio. Her husband, Brian, is her partner in all things life. Together they have a daughter, Stella, and twin boys, Perry and Zeke — a full home and even fuller hearts! Jessica is also a passionate traveler, a lover of the adventure it brings along with the chance to be exposed to all this beautiful world has to offer.